Ilisa-Zeisha vom Mira Bernina
* 13.11.2011 †18.07.2021

„Love … is letting go“

We are very sad, indeed heartbroken, that this afternoon we can meet our dear Isa, parent dog v. Jamina Hof, mother of our A- and B-litter, great-grandmother of the E-litter …
had to let go at the age of 9 years, 8 months and 5 days …
Love Ies .. thank you for all the love you gave us, your dear children.
We will meet again !!

Imir vom Mira Bernina
* 13.11.2011 †26.08.2020

Dear Iempie, thank you for your tremendous loyalty and love! You were a great male with a terrific character who took care of grandma!

Dusty-Cero vom Enzer Hof
*15.02.2008   †07.02.2019

Goodbye dear Dussiedus, you were a sweetheart, a lovely chatterbox, a protector for your girls, our guy!
Thanks for everything you gave us in almost 11 years! You could not overcome this…
Forever in our hearts.

Jonathan vom Mira Bernina
*23.04.2013   †03.07.2015

To love is … to let go when life becomes suffering.
Goodbye sweetheart, play freely and painlessly on the green meadow. Big hug
and see you someday *!!

Cartouche (Carlos) v.d. Klaverhoeve
*29-07-2003   †19-03-2008

Our dear and big bear Carlos came to us as a puppy from Belgium and grew into a very sweet Bernese male.
Unfortunately we had to let him go to the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 4,7 years because he was struck by Histiocytair Sarcoom. This is an aggressive and fast growing cancer.

Eline-Carlijn v.d. Birckt
*24-02-2000   †01-12-2011

Our millennium dog Eline was a very reliable and dedicated Dutch Shepherd. With her I have trained a lot in Behavior and Obedience as well as Herding sheep.
Together we got the diploma V.Z.H. = Verkeer Zekere Hond (Traffic Secure Dog).
Eline had one boss, my buddy! She died of cancer at the age of 12.

De Springertjes Nando Carlo
*12-11-1994  †03-09-2003

Our Nando was a super dog that we were allowed to have in our midst for almost 9 years and in which we solved many ailments.
Nando really brightened up at the age of 6 when our Dutch Shepherd Eline joined us. He died of a back hernia.