News 2020 – 2023

We are proud to present a new packmember our girl Chanel Montbright. She is born in Oekraïne by MontBright Bernese Mountain Dog from Lesya Popovich & Vitalii Borozenko.
We are so happy that they trusted us this lovely girl!

Our Javita has made a great result in Neuss (Dld) while warme wetter!
She got the 1 Place Excellent Veteranclass II and also she became BVOB and BVIS – Best Veteran in Show!

@Show NBSV Club Specialty ’23 – 29.01.2023 in Kerkwijk.

Breeder’s Class:
~Eduward Lüdwigg v. Jamina Hof ~
– Excellent 1

With thanks to judge Mrs. Margit Kortleve-Prins for the enormous appreciation of our Edje!

We are so proud of our veteran!
~Javita vom Mira Bernina ~

– Excellent

With thanks to judge  Mrs. Jelly de Jong-Bol

Javita was awarded the trophy for the oldest registered Berner with her 9.9 years on this day!

First time running together with:

~Eduward Lüdwigg van Jamina Hof & Javita vom Mira Bernina~

Coupleclass: 4e place

With thanks to judge Mrs. Margit Kortleve-Prins & Mrs. Jelly de Jong-Bol

Mega proud of you!

We went to the show im Hamminkeln with Javita on Saturday 26-11-2022.

Show LG West – DCBS e.V
~ Javita vom Mira Bernina ~
Veteran class (7)
– Excellent  2! –
Res. Antw. Dt. Vet. Ch. VDH +
Res. DCBS- Vet. CAC
We thanked judge Fadic Kadic for his enormous appreciatie for Javita!
We are so proud on Javita with her age of 9.7 year!



~ Beauty Ilisa van Jaminahof ~

Happy birthday to her siblings, our B-litter Brody, Bruce, Guus, Luca & Senna and to Bro and Nero  in doggyheaven!


Happy Birthday, Ferdii !!!


„Love … is letting go“
13-11-2011 * 18-07-2021
~ Ilisa-Zeisha by Mira Bernina ~
We are very sad, indeed heartbroken, that this afternoon we can meet our dear Isa, parent dog v. Jamina Hof, mother of our A- and B-litter, great-grandmother of the E-litter …
had to let go at the age of 9 years, 8 months and 5 days …
Love Ies .. thank you for all the love you gave us, your dear children.
We will meet again !!
Her children Annebel and Beauty with her grandson Edje were with her this afternoon before we took her to the clinic …
Pascal and I would like to thank Sanne van Kliniek Klaver4dieren for the loving treatment of Isa over the past few weeks.


Férdii is doing extremely well! Grows well in weight, plays on your heart’s content with mum, Edje, Antje and grandma Isa.

Got his 4th deworming. He has been inventoried by our association the VBSH which was fortunately possible because of this Coronatime.
With the note: Free puppy with beautiful bone. A wonderful compliment for our special little guy!

What we really liked is that we were given the opportunity to have Drs. Iris van Deur take the Campbell test at Férdii.
His character score was a nice mix and a stable, quiet and easy puppy. Thats what we always look for in our combinations in terms of character.

We also experience this with our beloved dear Bernese!


7 Weeks past away… Férdii grows well and has his 3rd deworming. Meanehile he is over 7 kilos.
Férdii loves to play with Edje.


Times flies so fast! I am today already 6 week old.
In the meantime I have already gained weight. (5.5K) and been outside with Mom, Edje & Annebel.
I have also received a chip and Wednesdy I had my first puppy vaccination.


Hoeraaa….Hoeraaa… our lovely Isa today 9 Year!!!
~Ilisa-Zeisha vom Mira Bernina~
Ymir degli Antichi Mulini x Zeisha degli Antichi Mulini

She is mother of our beautiful girl Annebel & Beauty and grandmother from Eduward (Edje)

We give a big kiss to heaven to brother Imir who unfortunately passed away from us 26 August.


Férdii is 5 weeks now and his weight 4490 gramm. Had his 2e worm cure. He is doing great and is playing more and more with mom and aunts!


It is been 4 weeks already that I was born. I weigh today 3400 gram and my mom’s say that I am grwoing well!
Starting taking steps now and let me hear when mommy calls me and oh yes…my tail agging too!
I have different toys in my bed… but also with sound. That’s sometimes weird…


Férdii is today 3 Weeks! His eyes are open and look into the World and mom. He passed his its 1th deworming wellicht and weighs 2.320 grams He is well cared by mom and family. Edje and Annebel are ready to taken care over when Beauty goes for a walk.


We have all our Bernese tested DM. Also our Eduward Lüdwigg v. Jamina Hof. His result: Exon 1 N/N – Exon 2 N/DM.


Today our little guy Férdii 14 days old. He is growing very good and today weight is 1.440 Gram! Beauty doing great with her Son!! Fotos here…


Beauty surprised us with 2 handsome boys who were binnen on October 7th on day 58! Thay are more than 5 das to early, but very welcome!
Unfortunately, after 12 ours of fighting, a sweet boy had to leave us with his mother and died in my hands
Good news is that Beauty is doing beter now!
Together we do our very best for this brave little boy! You can see photos here-


Hurray…. Our A-Litter is celebrating their 5th anniversary today !!
Our dear Annebel congratulates all her brothers and sisters today!


Today Edje received his official HD rating from the Board of Directors. We are very happy with this!

Eduward Lüdwigg
v. Jamina Hof


We are very happy that the ultrasound has confirmed that our Beauty is expecting puppies from Lüdwigg!

You can read more here


Wednesday August 26 turned out to be a black day for us…. We had to let go of our dear Imir at the age of 8.8 with a gastric torsion. He leaves a huge void with my mother where he lived with Javita.
Dear Iempie, thank you so much for your enormous loyalty and love!
You were a whopper of a male with a top character who took care of grandma!


Hieperdepiep Hurray, our E-litter 1 year today! We congratulate Soof, Edje, Goof, Èstian, Bollie, Beau, Odin, Tom, Hatcie and Jip with their 1st birthday !! Big feli-hug from mama Beauty.


Ed had his more than 9 months check in Kortenoord with Steven. His weighs is now 57kg
Sturdy front legs that are easy to maneuver and have no growing pains. He called them “big foot”… Back, eyes & teeth in perfect order. Steven said: he is a lovely sweet teddy bear who grows up perfectly! We are very happy with Ed.


Hurray, our Javita is celebrating her 7th birthday today! Congratulations Vietepiet, we hope that you can stay with us for many healthy years!


Hurray…oure D-Litter today 1 Year!
Èngko van Hagers Berners x Javita vom Mira Bernina
Happy Birthday  Jetje, Daily, Kobus, Joost and Dave!!